The Secret To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Cincinnati Home


The Secret To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Cincinnati Home

You’re ready to climb into a nice, warm bed after a long, hard day. You turn back the sheets and just before you get in, you see these small little reddish-brown dots under the sheets. You take a closer look and discover they are tiny bugs. If you are like most people, you get a skin-crawling feeling all over. You have just uncovered bed bugs. Now what?

This is a quandary many people have experienced. You might think, “This happens to other people, not me.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Anyone is susceptible to a bed bug infestation. The secret to getting rid of these pests is to contact your local Cincinnati pest control. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to completely eradicate, and it’s not recommended that you go it alone. Call One Stop Pest ControlWe know the best bed bug control techniques for your home.

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home

A bed bug infestation can get out of hand very fast, and detecting one at its earliest stage is imperative. Knowing the signs of bed bugs in your home can be of great value in making a bed bug control problem easier to solve. Some signs of bed bugs include:

  • Bed bugs can leave tiny little fecal spots on your bedsheets, mattresses, upholstered furniture, and walls.

  • You may actually see the adult bed bugs or their nymphs. A fully mature bed bug is about ¼ inch long and dark brown or mahogany in color. The nymphs are smaller and paler in color.

  • There could be small blood spots on the sheets as a result of a bed bug bite. The bites on your skin from bed bugs are typically grouped into a small pattern or line.

  • Their molted skin, eggs, or eggshells may also be evident in sheets, mattress creases, or box springs.

If you notice any of these signs that are indicative of bed bugs, don’t hesitate to notify One Stop Pest Control, your best bet for Cincinnati pest control.

How Easily Bed Bug Infestations Spread

Bed bugs procreate at a very rapid rate, and if undiscovered and not tended to in a timely manner, a bed bug infestation can spread throughout your home quickly. Female bed bugs can lay up to a dozen eggs a day and hundreds in the span of their lives. The eggs hatch in about a week and the nymph will emerge. These little nymphs don’t waste any time looking for their first meal and beginning the life cycle for the next generation.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own?

Bed bugs find clever ways to remain out of sight and have a way of laying their eggs in well-hidden places, which makes it harder to unearth a bed bug control issue. As we already know, they are very fast breeders, and the larger an infestation becomes, the more difficult it is to get under control.

Their hide and seek skills also make it nearly impossible to ensure that every bed bug and all eggs are properly treated and eliminated. If they aren’t completely wiped out, you’ll be dealing with another bed bug infestation before you know it, and possibly a bigger one. 

How To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Attempting to tackle a bed bug infestation on your own can be a risky adventure. Why take that gamble? One Stop Pest Control has the knowledge and experience to implement the best bed bug control techniques for your home. Give us a call and we can schedule an appointment to conduct a thorough inspection of your residence and determine the best plan of action to fit your needs and budget.