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Getting Rid Of Roaches In Your Cincinnati, OH, Home The Right Way


Getting Rid Of Roaches In Your Cincinnati, OH, Home The Right Way

Based on the presence of ancient fossil evidence, scientists estimate that cockroaches lived on earth for many millions of years. Cockroaches have an oval-shaped body with a durable exterior, six legs, and long antennae. Although many species have wings, most fly rather poorly; however, these pests move somewhat quickly on their feet. 

As omnivorous scavengers, cockroaches will live near humans when they can access sources of food, water, and shelter. As primarily nocturnal creatures, cockroaches typically remain hidden within homes during the day, such as inside walls or behind or below furniture or appliances. When cockroach infestations expand substantially, food supplies may become increasingly scarce; therefore, more significant numbers of these pests might appear during the day hunting for food. 

What is the best way to get rid of cockroaches entering your home, spreading germs, and rapidly multiplying? Homeowners often struggle with ousting cockroaches from their homes using general, mass-marketed cockroach control products. Cockroaches are resilient and elusive pests that will retreat to areas that are hard to reach and can survive for weeks or months without food. A professional Cincinnati pest control company understands the most common signs of cockroaches in your home and what repels cockroaches.

Species Of Roaches That Commonly Invade Cincinnati Homes

Homes and businesses throughout Cincinnati commonly encounter a variety of undesirable cockroach species. Among the most common types include: 

  • American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana): As a large, winged species that may exceed two inches long, the American cockroach appears reddish-brown with yellow markings.
  • German cockroaches (Blatella germanica): German cockroaches are a small species with a brown or tan appearance with two dark parallel stripes behind the head that routinely plague homes and businesses where food is accessible. 
  • Oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis): The Oriental cockroach has a distinctive, shiny dark brown or black appearance and usually measures roughly one inch long.

Data suggests that more than 4,000 different cockroach species exist in the world today, with more than 50 types found throughout the U.S. While the majority of these creatures remain in natural outdoor settings, the species mentioned above are the roaches that most often invade homes in this region. 

Cockroaches Trigger Allergies And Spread Disease

Some of the health risks associated with cockroaches include salmonellosis, E.coli infection, cholera, and many other concerns. When larger indoor infestations emerge, the accumulation of feces, shed skin, and other allergens may trigger adverse reactions among those with sensitivities. 

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Roaches On Your Own

Cockroaches are highly adaptable creatures that will consume most foods that humans do and are strong breeders, making do-it-yourself eradication efforts challenging. 

How long do cockroaches live? The lifespan of a cockroach varies significantly based on the species and the environmental conditions, from only several months to more than one year. 

Can cockroaches climb walls? Cockroaches are fairly good climbers that will race across walls and ceilings. 

The Call To Make For Total Cockroach Control For Your Home

Are you wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in the house? The home pest control professionals with 1 Stop Pest Control will promptly respond and effectively treat infestations involving cockroaches and many other bothersome and potentially harmful pests. Contact our office today for a quote and to request additional information.