What To Do About Mosquito Infestations In Cincinnati


What To Do About Mosquito Infestations In Cincinnati

Mosquitoes. They infest bogs, swamps, rivers, and lakes, and when you're trying to enjoy the summer fun, they infest your yard. Mosquitoes in Cincinnati invade areas in large numbers, especially during their breeding season. Once mosquitoes are around your yard, it feels impossible to remove them.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance as they also pose health risks. They are one of the most dangerous animals because they spread many serious illnesses. It's wise to learn how to prevent mosquitoes with these prevention tips from the Cincinnati pest control professionals.

How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us

One lesser-known fact about mosquitoes is that only the females bite. Both the males and females primarily consume nectar and plant sap as they are pollinators, but the females will bite animals and human hosts for the extra protein found in the blood. This protein enables them to lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes use a few methods to locate a host to bite. They are mainly attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans and animals emit when breathing and use other receptors to sense body heat, sweat, and other odors. 

There are even certain scents or factors that attract mosquitoes to you. For example, they like the smell of alcohol and body odor.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms And Treatment

If you have had a mosquito bite, it's hard to forget the itchy sensation. The bite mark will be slightly raised on the skin and is usually somewhat colorless. A mosquito's saliva creates an itchy response because most people are allergic to this substance. The more allergic you are, the itchier and redder your skin becomes.

Scratching at the bite is often the worst thing to do, even though it's hard not to. You could break the skin and introduce bacterial infections to the wound.

Luckily, most mosquito bites don't make you sick, but mosquitoes in the area occasionally spread diseases. It's best to take steps to prevent mosquitoes to remain safe.

The Best Way To Repel Mosquitoes In Cincinnati

Mosquitos are challenging to deter because they are endemic to certain areas. You might have mosquitoes because you live near a body of water, for example. However, you can still take some steps to make your property less appealing to these stinging insects.

Our team at 1 Stop Pest Control suggests:

  • Remove standing water around the yard, including wherever water pools.
  • Cover hot tubs and pools if possible. Also, keep water features clean with cycled water. 
  • Trim overgrown plants like trees and shrubs around your yard. Mosquitos like to rest in the shade of plants during the day. 
  • Reduce how many flowering plants you have around the yard.

But, while these steps can help to an extent, the only truly effective way to prevent mosquitoes is with mosquito control plans.

Cincinnati Mosquito Control Programs

At 1 Stop Pest Control, we use advanced technologies to prevent and remove mosquitoes. Our main line of defense is the In2Care System which works by attracting mosquitos and then eliminating them. We also offer fogging services that address where mosquitoes like to breed.

Our mosquito control plans include one-time treatments as well as monthly options. The solo application is ideal for outdoor events such as weddings or reunions, while ongoing plans address mosquitoes around your yard if you often have infestations. Call our team today to get started on our effective mosquito control services along with home pest control and commercial pest control services.