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How To Keep Dangerous Mosquitoes Away From Your Cincinnati Yard


How To Keep Dangerous Mosquitoes Away From Your Cincinnati Yard

The warm and humid summer makes Cincinnati a popular destination for mosquitoes. These small bugs are some of the most annoying and invasive flying insects that the residents in this area have to deal with.

If you are dealing with swarms of mosquitoes around your home, it may be in your best interest to enlist the help of a professional Cincinnati pest control specialist. At 1 Stop Pest Control, we have extensive knowledge of mosquito control. We know the best way to keep dangerous mosquitoes away from your home. 

The Role Mosquitoes Play In Our Ecosystem

Mosquitoes may seem like they were put on this Earth to annoy us and nothing more, but they actually have several environmental benefits. This may be hard to believe, but mosquitoes are a type of pollinator. Only female mosquitoes drink blood, and they only do this when they are reproducing. For the rest of the time, the female mosquitoes eat the same thing the male does all the time; plant nectar. While flying from plant to plant, they will pick up and deposit pollen to various plants, much like bees do. 

Mosquitoes are also a vital part of the animal food chain. When the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, some fish and frogs will eat the mosquito eggs and the mosquito larvae that live in the water. Once the baby mosquitoes grow wings and fly away, birds, bats, and some land-dwelling animals will eat the adult mosquitoes. 

The Potential Dangers Mosquitoes Can Bring To Your Property

Mosquitoes are known carriers of a variety of diseases and viruses. When a female mosquito bites you, she will inject some of her saliva into your body, which can pass the harmful pathogen to you. Some of the most common types of illnesses that people catch from the mosquitoes in Cincinnati include West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya, and tularemia. 

Five No-Nonsense Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquitoes like shaded places that have plenty of water and plenty of food. If you want to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, you need to make your property as inhospitable as possible. Some of the things that you can do to keep mosquitoes out of your yard include:

  1. Reduce the amount of flowers, bushes, and other vegetation that you plant in your yard

  2. Remove old tree limbs and other debris from your yard

  3. Keep the grass in your yard cut between three and six inches high

  4. Remove all standing water from your yard

  5. Make sure that your gutter systems are working properly and not clogged

If you are seeing mosquitoes around your home, it is likely because you have more than one factor attracting mosquitoes. Having your property inspected by a professional pest control technician is the best way to identify any items that are luring mosquitoes to your property. 

Pro Mosquito Control Offers The Best Protection For Your Yard

Many DIY mosquito control treatments are available on the market. However, most of them are effective at achieving long-term mosquito control. The only way to ensure mosquitoes leave your home for good is to tackle the root of your mosquito problem. 

At 1 Stop Pest Control, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to mosquito control. Our experienced technicians will come to your home, perform a thorough inspection, and come up with a customized plan that is designed to tackle your specific mosquito problems. If you are struggling with mosquitoes in your Cincinnati yard, give us a call today to see how we can help solve your mosquito problem.