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Termite Control In Cincinnati, OH

Cost-Effective & Dependable Termite Control In Cincinnati, OH

Termites are common pests around Cincinnati that most people don't fully understand. Known as silent destroyers, termites quietly move to a property and can cause damage for months, even years, before being noticed. Depending on the colony's size, the damage they cause can weaken a structure and make it dangerous to inspect; not to mention termite infestations often coincide with moisture issues and water damage. Excess moisture in a home can lead to mold and an even more unsafe environment. To protect yourself from potentially dangerous damage and mold exposure, you should leave inspection and treatment to professionals. Cincinnati, Ohio residents can rely on 1 Stop Pest Control's termite services provided by trained, licensed, and equipped experts.

Professional Control Is The Only Way To Treat Termites Cincinnati, OH

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Depending on the species, termites may live inside the wood they feast on or in soil, connected to the food source by mud tubes; this, along with other factors, makes termites nearly impossible to treat on your own. Plus, proper species identification is necessary for effective control. Trying to take care of termites yourself may only worsen the problem as it will give this pest more time to reproduce and cause damage. To keep this from happening, let us handle these pests for you.

How We Remove Destructive Termites In Cincinnati Homes

Our termite treatment process starts with a thorough inspection where we will look in crawl spaces, attics, and anywhere else termites might be active to identify signs of these pests and entry points. Using Termidor HE, we use the trench and treat method, drilling into the slab foundation if needed. We back this service with our one-year renewable warranty, which is transferable.

Other termite services we offer are:

  • Preventative treatments for homes under new ownership.
  • Wood-destroying insect inspections for real estate to help buyers make informed choices.

Let 1 Stop Pest Control be your one-stop for all your home termite control and prevention needs.

We Can Keep You Pest-Free In Cincinnati

Termites aren't the only pests we handle at 1 Stop Pest Control. We provide services for the most common pests in the Cincinnati area and more. We listen to our customers to ensure we treat the pest problems they are experiencing. During our inspection, we look for entry points and conducive conditions that might be inviting pests to the property, which we will help seal and rectify.

We focus on the home's exterior for treatment but treat the interior upon request. Our exterior treatments include:

  • De-webbing.
  • A liquid application around the foundation.
  • A granular application to the soil.

Pest removal and prevention isn't always a perfect process, which is why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer re-treatments at no additional cost if needed. Contact us today at 1 Stop Pest Control to learn more about our pest control options in Cincinnati.

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